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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to See LADY BIRD

  So I went to see Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird in theaters the other day, and my trip to the movie coincided with what feels like a significant moment in my movie-watching / media-consuming decision-making process. But first, a bit of background… I teach high school media studies classes. One of the classes I’ve envisioned, and … Continue reading

I’m Tired of People Being “Ripped,” “Schooled,” “Skewered,” “Shut Down,” and “Destroyed” for Their Ignorance

It seems like I can’t go more than a day or two without seeing another video of someone being “ripped,” “schooled,” “destroyed,” or “shut down” after saying some racist, misogynistic, hateful, or otherwise ignorant thing. There are whole shows that are practically dedicated to this kind of content. And you watch it. Because you want … Continue reading

Saying Their Names

Philando Castile. Michael Brown. Ezell Ford. Dylan Noble. Tamir Rice. Alton Sterling. Delrawn Small. Sandra Bland. And so many, many more. Say their names. Say it again. Say it in mourning for the loss of a meaningful life full of people who loved and depended on them. Say it in outrage over a broken system … Continue reading