Neglecting the Whole

I’m not even going to pretend what I have to say here is in any way groundbreaking, or a must-read, or that what I say in the next few paragraphs will blow your mind. My heart and soul hurt, and I just need to write something. Maybe it will help. And yes, these feelings are … Continue reading

An Appeal to Chinese Martial Arts Cinema

So I finally watched Yuen Woo Ping’s True Legend (2010) last night and had a thought. Well, I had many thoughts, most of them negative, but one main thought. Martial arts cinema – especially from Mainland China – seems to be adapting to the requirements of a globalized cinema audience in all the wrong ways … Continue reading

Why I No Longer Watch Movie Trailers

I used to love watching movie trailers. I was the guy who would make sure to be at the theater at least 30 minutes in advance, because I absolutely COULD NOT miss the trailers. When the internets came around, I spent hours upon hours watching trailers and teasers of the latest movies to be coming … Continue reading

Teaching Philosophy? Why Not a Living Philosophy?

Time for some real talk. And some thinking out loud as I work through some ideas. From the inception of this website, I have struggled with including a section titled ‘Teaching Philosophy.’ After all, one of the purposes of this website is to include all of my professional development materials, and an instructor-to-be’s philosophy of … Continue reading

One-Sheet Quick-Takes: Round 1

I wrote briefly in a previous post about how much I love movie posters. I’ve been wanting to write more about them but had a hard time coming up with the best way to approach it, until now. I come across a lot of posters that I immediately have problems with, can’t believe the low … Continue reading

My Armie Hammer Conundrum

[Full Disclosure: I have only seen one movie with Armie Hammer: Mirror Mirror.] Am I the only one who experienced an Armie Hammer Conundrum? Let me explain. As I referenced briefly in an earlier entry about the film geek, I tend to have a pretty good recollection of actors’ names and faces. However, every now … Continue reading