This Started Out as a Post About GamerGate

This started out as a post about GamerGate. (If you haven’t heard about GamerGate, just Google it.) I don’t have anything new to add to the “Which side is right?” or “What is GamerGate really about?” debates. My thoughts go elsewhere… A child points to a green bowl and says it’s red. He’s adamant about … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Recent Events and the Need for Change

Ferguson. Mike Brown. Sexism. James Foley. Rape culture. Ezell Ford. Anita Sarkeesian. John Crawford. Fraternities. Steven Sotloff. Racism. Zoe Quinn. Misogyny. ISIS. Ray Rice. GamerGate. I think there’s a connection between every word and name on that list. It’s tempting to treat them as though they have to do with largely disparate issues like racism, … Continue reading

Neglecting the Whole

I’m not even going to pretend what I have to say here is in any way groundbreaking, or a must-read, or that what I say in the next few paragraphs will blow your mind. My heart and soul hurt, and I just need to write something. Maybe it will help. And yes, these feelings are … Continue reading

An Appeal to Chinese Martial Arts Cinema

So I finally watched Yuen Woo Ping’s True Legend (2010) last night and had a thought. Well, I had many thoughts, most of them negative, but one main thought. Martial arts cinema – especially from Mainland China – seems to be adapting to the requirements of a globalized cinema audience in all the wrong ways … Continue reading

Why I No Longer Watch Movie Trailers

I used to love watching movie trailers. I was the guy who would make sure to be at the theater at least 30 minutes in advance, because I absolutely COULD NOT miss the trailers. When the internets came around, I spent hours upon hours watching trailers and teasers of the latest movies to be coming … Continue reading