Stunt-Centric vs Choreo-Centric Part 3: Application

I really tried, but apparently I’m not done thinking about these ideas. So here we go! My first Trilogy! Part 3: in which I discuss some of the ways that thinking about action aesthetics in terms of stunt-centric and choreo-centric could be helpful or useful. Application #1: Improving Personal Film Literacy The first way that … Continue reading

Stunt-Centric vs. Choreo-Centric Action: Part 2

This is Part 2 of my post attempting to more accurately describe and delineate the differences between two general approaches to action. Click here for Part 1, in which I describe the general priorities and emphases of a stunt-centric approach to action. This post will deal with the choreo-centric approach. To recap my goal real … Continue reading

Stunt-Centric vs. Choreo-Centric Action: Part 1

Intro and Main Claim I originally wanted to call this post: “A Certain Tendency of the American Cinema or, La politique des martial arteurs” in homage to Francois Truffaut’s seminal work, but ultimately decided against it. : ) Since my last post on the Emmy snub of Into the Badlands for Best Stunt Coordination, I’ve been thinking a … Continue reading

Into the Badlands S3E1 – Some Quick Thoughts

Season 3, Episode 1: Enter the Phoenix Wow. What a season opener! I was thinking of writing something after each episode, but don’t want to make it too long either, so here’s where I landed. My goal will be to post some hopefully-weekly quick thoughts about what stands out, no more than 2-3 days after each … Continue reading

Marvelthon #1: Iron Man (2008)

  I came across the image above about a month ago, and decided it sounded like the perfect time/excuse to introduce my 9-year-old son to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the coming of the new year. And thus was born The 2018 Father-Son Marvel Movie Marathon Extravaganza, or The Marvelthon, for short. When I shared my … Continue reading

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to See LADY BIRD

  So I went to see Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird in theaters the other day, and my trip to the movie coincided with what feels like a significant moment in my movie-watching / media-consuming decision-making process. But first, a bit of background… I teach high school media studies classes. One of the classes I’ve envisioned, and … Continue reading