Time for Men to Unite Against a Common Enemy

Men! Dudes! Bros! Countrymen! Dude-Bros! Bro…dudes… Tired of women having to tell you how they’re “feeling” all the time? Sick of being told that your comments hurt someone’s “feelings?” Done having to be PC because people’s “feelings” are being offended? Are you constantly putting the word “feelings” in air quotes because you just can’t even? … Continue reading

Father and Son: A Poem for the #MeToo Era

First of all, I don’t like calling it a “MeToo Era,” because it feels like I’m saying that it’s a brand new thing that suddenly’s been happening. Like men haven’t been the perpetrators of horrific sexual crimes for thousands of years. But I couldn’t think of a better title for this post, so here we … Continue reading

Stunt-Centric vs Choreo-Centric Part 3: Application

I really tried, but apparently I’m not done thinking about these ideas. So here we go! My first Trilogy! Part 3: in which I discuss some of the ways that thinking about action aesthetics in terms of stunt-centric and choreo-centric could be helpful or useful. Application #1: Improving Personal Film Literacy The first way that … Continue reading

Stunt-Centric vs. Choreo-Centric Action: Part 2

This is Part 2 of my post attempting to more accurately describe and delineate the differences between two general approaches to action. Click here for Part 1, in which I describe the general priorities and emphases of a stunt-centric approach to action. This post will deal with the choreo-centric approach. To recap my goal real … Continue reading

Stunt-Centric vs. Choreo-Centric Action: Part 1

Intro and Main Claim I originally wanted to call this post: “A Certain Tendency of the American Cinema or, La politique des martial arteurs” in homage to Francois Truffaut’s seminal work, but ultimately decided against it. : ) Since my last post on the Emmy snub of Into the Badlands for Best Stunt Coordination, I’ve been thinking a … Continue reading

Into the Badlands S3E1 – Some Quick Thoughts

Season 3, Episode 1: Enter the Phoenix Wow. What a season opener! I was thinking of writing something after each episode, but don’t want to make it too long either, so here’s where I landed. My goal will be to post some hopefully-weekly quick thoughts about what stands out, no more than 2-3 days after each … Continue reading

Marvelthon #1: Iron Man (2008)

  I came across the image above about a month ago, and decided it sounded like the perfect time/excuse to introduce my 9-year-old son to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the coming of the new year. And thus was born The 2018 Father-Son Marvel Movie Marathon Extravaganza, or The Marvelthon, for short. When I shared my … Continue reading

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to See LADY BIRD

  So I went to see Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird in theaters the other day, and my trip to the movie coincided with what feels like a significant moment in my movie-watching / media-consuming decision-making process. But first, a bit of background… I teach high school media studies classes. One of the classes I’ve envisioned, and … Continue reading