It Has Begun…

So this second post took a lot longer to come by than I originally intended. Part of the problem has been trying to envision exactly what role this site will take on over the coming years. Another reason for the delay was being kept busy by my last semester of Doctoral coursework. But I’m here now…

So let me tell you a little bit more about my interests and what I’d like to see this site become. I cannot be held accountable for this site falling short of or completely failing in what I’m about to describe.

I’m currently working on my doctoral degree in Moving Image Studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. I have a lot of media-related research and teaching interests that I think cover a pretty wide range of topics, some of which you can see up there below my name. For better or worse, I get the feeling that limiting and narrowing my research focus, at least while actually working on my degree, comes with the territory. To put it another way: I would love to have written papers on a bunch of different topics for each of my seminars, but it made a lot more sense for me to gear as much of them as I possibly could towards my intended dissertation. Know what I mean? So let me break it break it down a little more.

My primary research has been in Chinese cinema with a particular focus on the contemporary film industry in Mainland China. This is what my dissertation is going to be about. Some of my other interests include, but are not limited to: screenwriting, narrative structures, film history, screenplay analysis, silent cinema, game studies, comic books, media industries, production studies, and actual production. I am especially interested in presenting a more international and non-Western approach/view to the various areas listed above. More important than all that, however, I am also the father of the greatest boy in the world. (Full disclosure: potential bias in previous statement.) Which is to say, I wouldn’t be too surprised if parenting-related things crept up in here from time to time.

I hope this site will become an outlet for me to engage in my various interests, whether that be in the form of lengthy analytical posts or the simple sharing of a link. Another thing I’ve found useful in other academics’ blogs and sites was their maintenance of an ever-expanding list of books and sites on their particular field of study. I hope to get those going with a focus of Chinese cinema here soon. FInally, I intend to regularly update and maybe even discuss more items related to my academic and professional development. This will include syllabi, my CV, teaching philosophy, and who knows what else.

So to recap:

– I like media, especially the international kind.
– WordPress Goals: update more often, share links, make a list of useful books and sites

Here we go…


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