This post was originally published on my PhDadBlog.

Welcome to the PhDadBlog! A little experiment in parenting and self-reflection I’m excited to kick off with this first post.

As any parent can attest, parenting is a tough job. For about a year now, I’ve been the stay-at-home-parent to our boys full time and it’s been an incredible, infuriating, amazing, boring, exciting, disheartening, hilarious, learning experience. As with any worthwhile endeavor, I believe parenting is best approached with constant self-reflection, regular consultation among the primary caregivers, and the willingness to adapt and evolve one’s methods and approaches as the child’s reality and needs continue to change.

Easier said than done.

And that’s where this site comes in. I hope to use this as a place to help myself reflect on parenting struggles, victories, philosophies, and all the other madness and hilarity that come with raising a child in this world. And if what I say helps someone else along the way in even the smallest way, then all the better. I also have some other ideas for features, like interviews with other PhDads, non-PhDads, parents, guest posts, and so on.

But let me tell you a little about myself and what I envision for this site.

My name is Munib Rezaie and there are at least three things you should know about me that will have an impact on everything I write here:

  1. I am the father of two amazing boys who – as of February 2016 – are 7 years old (henceforth “the 7YO”) and 20 months old (henceforth “the 20MO”).
  2. I completed a PhD in Communication in December 2015. (If you’d like to read more of my film and media-related stuff, check out my other site: www.munibrezaie.com). This means I like to write and share my thoughts without anyone asking me to. I’ll use this site as a means to keep myself writing somewhat consistently while out of academia. I think I’ll start off with the modest goal of one update per month and see how things go from there.
  3. I’m a Bahá’í. Not sure what that is? Click here to learn more. My constantly evolving understanding of the teachings of my Faith helps define the parameters of what it means to be a parent. Whether it’s acknowledging the spiritual implications of our day-to-day thoughts and actions, stressing the importance of indiscriminate love, selfless service, and social action, or accepting the unity and equality of all people as an inherent and incontrovertible fact that we must strive to make a reality, my religion carries innumerable implications on how I parent – and strive to parent – on a daily basis.

There are many ways to be a parent in this world. I don’t think we should limit the definition of that word to a biological link. Guiding an individual to develop their potential, to learn from their experiences, to feel confident about who they are, and ultimately – hopefully – contribute to the improvement of the world around them is a responsibility unlike any other. One that’s filled with confirmations, doubts, failures, uncertainties, and incredible moments of victory. I hope to use this space to work through some of these ideas and experiences. You can also expect a lot of bad puns from time to time like “PhDad,” “dadvice,” and who knows what else.

Dadhood’s a trip. I hope you’ll join me for part of the ride.

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