Reflections on the Eve of Your Ninth Birthday

This post was originally published on my PhDadBlog.

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Man! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog!

Tomorrow, my oldest turns 9. Nine years ago tomorrow, I became a father. In honor of this occasion, I thought I’d write down some thoughts and reflections on fatherhood.

Surprisingly, when I sat down to write, my thoughts came out in verse.


Reflections on the Eve of Your Ninth Birthday
By: Munib Rezaie (aka PhDad)

Nine years ago
You came into my life
Just popped out of your mom
Who, until then, was my wife.

But when you came along,
We became something more
No longer two people
We had you to live for

So on the eve of your ninth
I cannot help but think,
That if you weren’t around
My life would kinda stink.

But it hasn’t been easy
In fact, it’s been tough.
And there are days when I feel
Like I’ve just had enough.

But I would not have it
Any other way
For being your father
Helps me grow day by day.

So what have I learned
In these nine years gone by?
Nine years that have passed
In the blink of an eye?

I’ve learned to think deeply
About all that I do
You’re watching me closely
I can’t act a foo

If you ask me why
I just did what you saw
Saying “just because”
Won’t get me very far

I don’t want you to do things
‘Cause I told you so
I want to you to believe
It’s the right way to go.

I’ve learned to be patient
With both you and myself
There are plenty of things
That we cannot do well

Sometimes I might lose it
Sometimes you will too
But maybe together
We can see our task through

And whether we’re crying
Or angry or mad
We’ll just add to our learning
It’s really not that bad

I’ve learned to be selfless
Or, at least, I’ve been trying
To put you before me
And hope my ego is dying

But the ego is not
An easy foe to vanquish
Like breathing on land
If you were a tang fish.

But that is precisely
The purpose of life:
To get better and better
As we come across strife.

I’ve learned to be loving
And I mean that quite deeply
That I see you for you
And love you sincerely

It’s love that has helped me
To grow patient and selfless
To be much more thoughtful
And caring, not careless.

It’s love that I think of
When I repeat in my mind:
Nothing’s too much trouble
And there is always time.

Now, I hold no expectations
Of what job you might hold
Of money or titles,
Or things made of gold

When I look at you
I do not see a seed
I see the big tree
That you will grow to be

A tree that will shelter,
Provide, and will feed
All of those who
Stand in much greater need

And that’s all I can wish for
It’s my one only hope:
That when injustice strikes
You’re willing to step up.


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